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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spotted: Sinful Colors Summer 2014 Simmer Down and Chill Out Collections

New Sinful Colors shades! These new collections were spotted at Rite Aid by all of the readers who contributed pics to this post, but a little birdie told me that they should also be popping up at Walgreens soon (HOPEFULLY before the Walgreens $0.99 Sinful Colors sale ends on 4/26!).

That same little birdie told me that there might be a THIRD Sinful Colors display for Summer 2014, and that there might be some fun toppers and other surprises headed our way as well! As soon as that information is confirmed, I will let you know!

Many thanks to three lovely readers for the following pics. First up, pics of the displays from reader Shannon:

image credit: Shannon for Nouveau Cheap
Sinful Colors Summer 2014 Simmer Down and Chill Out Collections at Rite Aid
(retail: 1.99 each, 0.5 oz)

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Spotted: Jesse's Girl JulieG Summer 2014 Limited Edition Cruise Collection

I've been waiting for this one to hit Rite Aid for a while now...and it's here! Many thanks to my pal Emi at Project Swatch for this sighting. Emi spotted the new JulieG Cruise Collection at her local Rite Aid and was nice enough to share a pic:

image credit: Project Swatch for Nouveau Cheap
Jesse's Girl JulieG Summer 2014 Limited Edition Cruise Collection
(retail: $3.99 each, 0.35 oz)

For swatches of this entire collection, please see WorkPlayPollish's post here.

If you missed out on this one when I mentioned it was on Groupon (it's no longer available there), hopefully you'll spot this display at your local Rite Aid soon. Jesse's Girl products are available exclusively at Rite Aid but you can also purchase them directly from the Jesse's Girl website. These polishes are now available here for $3.99 each and you can also purchase the entire set for $23.94 + free shipping. You get everyday free shipping on the Jesse's Girl site for orders of $20 or more, no code required.

Thanks again, Emi, for the great sighting and pic!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: Maybelline Master Drama Chromatics Eyeliner in Plum Persuasion

The new Maybelline Master Drama Chromatics eyeliners were rolled out as part of the Summer 2014 Bleached Neons Collection but I believe that the Chromatics are a new, permanent addition to the Master Drama line and they should eventually make their way to the permanent Maybelline display (I don't see the words "limited edition" anywhere on the packaging, but when I get confirmation that these are for sure permanent, I will let you know). If you're looking for these, or anything else from the Bleached Neons Collection, take a look at the interactive sightings map here.

Maybelline Master Drama Chromatics by Eye Studio
Sharpenable Crayon Liner in Plum Persuasion
(retail: $7.99 at CVS, 0.038 oz)

Special Anniversary Reader Interview Series: Get To Know Agata

In honor of the five year anniversary of Nouveau Cheap, I'm interviewing fifteen readers in this very special series, as my way of saying thanks for your support (to read more about this interview series, including how the readers were selected, click here).

All of the readers who were interviewed for this series were given the same ten questions, and they were asked to submit a picture of themselves, their pet, their makeup stash, or anything else they felt like sharing.

The eighth interview in this series is with reader Agata. Take it away, Agata!

Reader Agata

G: How long have you been a fan of drugstore beauty products?

Agata: For as long as I have been wearing make up! Probably for the last 12-13 years. I was born in Poland and I lived there until four years ago. I remember when I first came to the US and went to a Walgreens store and discovered Covergirl make up. I was surprised how cheap all other drugstore brands were compared to prices in Poland.

The NYX Macaron Lippies are now available for purchase!

I first posted about the new Macaron Lippies from NYX back in December, and today I have very good news to share with you: THEY'RE FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!
New NYX Macaron Lippies
Available in 12 shades
(retail: $6 each on the NYX website)

The Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sales (4/20 - 4/26)

Your weekly wrap-up of drugstore beauty sales and more...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange is BACK for 2014!

In case you haven't heard, Zoya's incredibly popular Earth Day Polish Exchange is back for 2014 and it starts THIS MONDAY! Here are the details:

Valid 4/21/14 - 4/28/14 (11:59pm EST) on the Zoya website 

If this is your first experience with the Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange, here's the short version:

What is the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange?

Exchange your old nail color for BIG5FREE** ZOYA Nail Polish and let us properly dispose of your unwanted bottles.  Only $4.50 per bottle OR $5 for PixieDust and special effect toppers. Shipping and handling fees apply.

Keep reading for specific details and more info...

Shea Moisture Cosmetics: Now on the Target Website

If you haven't seen Shea Moisture's new line of cosmetics at your local Target yet (click here for pics of the display), not to worry! The new line is now up on the Target website! Thanks so much to reader Ashley (@ashleynn9 on Instagram) for this tip:

CLICK HERE to see all of the Shea Moisture Cosmetics that are now on the Target website.

Have you spotted these new goodies at your local Target yet?

Thanks again, Ashley, for letting us know!

Cherry Culture Sale Alert: 25% Off All Eyeshadows

In case you haven't heard:

Now through 4/24, enter code ESS2514 at checkout on the Cherry Culture website and receive 25% off ALL eyeshadows (all brands, including NYX, Jordana, LA Colors, Milani, etc.). This even includes the Milani Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez Pencils (click here for my review)!  Free everyday shipping on orders over $40, no code required. 


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