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Monday, September 29, 2014

Spotted: eos Fall/Winter 2014 Limited Edition Sets (BCA Awareness and Rachel Roy A Ray of Holiday Sunshine)

Continuing from my post from yesterday about the limited edition Rachel Roy sets I showed you, today I have even more pics and info for you, plus pics of the eos Breast Cancer Awareness sets as well!

Many thanks to reader @triceratips on Instagram and her lovely fiance @mrandypuppy for the following pics. You know you've got a keeper when your significant other helps you with drugstore sightings, right? The lovely couple spotted ALL of the limited edition Fall/Winter eos sets at their local Rite Aid this week and shared lots of pics with us. Take a look!

image credit: @mrandypuppy for Nouveau Cheap
eos Fall/Winter 2014 Limited Edition
Rachel Roy A Ray of Holiday Sunshine Lip Balms

Keep reading for more info and pics of the BCA sets...

Spotted at Walgreens: Disney Good vs. Evil Collection Makeup Bags, Lashes and Mirrors

In addition to the Disney Good vs. Evil Collection e.l.f. beauty books and brushes and Kiss nail art kits (CLICK HERE AND HERE if you missed those) that are now popping up at Walgreens, did you know that there are also SOHO makeup bags, Ardell lashes and a Conair mirror in this collection as well?

Many thanks to three lovely readers for sharing the following pics. First up, the SOHO makeup bags, which were spotted by reader Christina (@6footglamazon on Instagram) at Walgreens this week. Christina shared lots of pics with us, so take a look!

image credit: Christina for Nouveau Cheap
SOHO Disney Good vs. Evil Makeup Bags at Walgreens

image credit: Christina for Nouveau Cheap

Keep reading for a look at the other bags in this collection, as well as the lashes and mirror...

Sinful Shine Nail Polish Update

Over the past couple of weeks, SEVERAL of you have told me that you've heard rumors about the state of the Sinful Colors "Gel Tech" line, Sinful Shine, at Walgreens. I have tried to get to the heart of the rumors and provide you with as much information as I can about this, so keep reading for more info...

image credit: Kratrina for Nouveau Cheap
Sinful Shine Fall 2014 Shining Bright off the Runway Collection at Walgreens
(retail: $1.99 each, 0.5 oz)

A Quick Note for Tablet Users

Over the past few days, some of you have contacted me about an ad on my blog that has been interfering with your ability to read my blog via tablets. First of all, I apologize for this inconvenience and I'm grateful that you took the time to let me know about it. Second, I want to let you know that the issue has been resolved and you should have no problems accessing my blog via tablets moving forward.

Thanks so very much for your patience and your continued support of Nouveau Cheap!

PS: The comments on this post have been closed--if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email (you can access my address at any time by clicking "contact" in the upper right corner of my home page).

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sales (9/28 - 10/4)

REMINDER: Now through 10/4 at Ulta, all NYX, Revlon, Physicians Formula and Almay cosmetics are 40% off in-store and online HERE. There is also a $3.50 off $10 purchase coupon that you can use with this sale in-store or online HERE.

Your weekly wrap-up of drugstore beauty sales and more...

The Lipstick League - week of 9.22.14

The Lipstick League Question of the Week

What are your favorite perfumes or scented body products to wear in the fall?

G's answer: I usually lean toward my heavier, richer, deeper fragrances for fall but for some odd reason, right now I'm all about muguet (aka: lily of the valley). I can't get enough of that clean, floral note and I'm actually going to be doing a post this week about my all-time favorite budget-friendly lily of the valley fragrances. If you're a muguet lover, I promise that I can hook you up without breaking the bank!

The Lipstick League Links of the Week

Nouveau Cheap - How do the Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Limited Edition 5-Pan Eyeshadow Palettes compare to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette? Check out my full review and you be the judge.

Prime Beauty - Prime Beauty is leading the fall parades with the help of Benefit's Majorette Cream Blush. It's fit to beat the band!

Phyrra - lets you in on the best New Beauty Products! See what she's lusting after.

we heart this - What to pack for an event that will have you inside the same room as Jon Hamm? Stef shares 9 Products That Got Her Emmy Red Carpet Ready

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spotted: eos Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Rachel Roy Lip Balm Set (NEW FLAVORS)

Did you know that eos has collaborated with fashion designer Rachel Roy on some limited edition lip balms? I had no idea this was even happening, so my thanks go out to reader Karmen (@imkarmenmartinez on Instagram) for this tip! Karmen spotted the Holiday 2014 Rachel Roy Set at Rite Aid this week and was nice enough to share pics and info with us. Take a look:

image credit: Karmen for Nouveau Cheap
eos Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Rachel Roy Lip Balm Trio
(retail: $9.99 at Rite Aid)

There are three limited edition flavors in this set:

  • St. Barth's Sunrise (pink grapefruit)
  • Aloha Hawaii (strawberry kiwi)
  • Indian Summer (orange blossom)

Every time eos does these limited edition sets, there's always one flavor in particular that really gets to me. This time around, it's Indian Summer. Aaaah, I need an orange blossom lip balm in my life!

And guess what? There's one MORE eos Rachel Roy lip balm coming our way. Keep reading for a peek...

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette Now $16 (And Mrs. Mia Wallace Nail Color Now $5)

Many thanks to several of you on social media for the heads-up about this one!

image source:
Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette
(retail: $34; now $16)

Did you know that the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette is now $16 (originally $34) on the Ulta website, Sephora website and Urban Decay website? Also, the Mrs. Mia Wallace Nail Color is now $5 (originally $15) on the Urban Decay website.

For swatches, check out Phyrra's review HERE. She also did a lovely eye look using the Pulp Fiction Palette HERE.

I'm a huge fan of Pulp Fiction. I actually saw it five times in the movie theater (twice in one day) when it debuted in 1994 and I quoted it constantly for a period I like to call my "Pulp Fiction years."

"You, flock of seagulls, you know why we're here?"

So yeah, I've been wanting this palette since UD originally released it a few months ago and I don't think I can resist at this price! Do you already own the Pulp Fiction Palette? If so, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to let me know about the reduced price!

Friday, September 26, 2014

What Is Reverse Hair Washing and Is It Right for You?

Several months ago, one of you tweeted me some info about Reverse Washing (if that was you, please comment below so I can thank you properly!). I found the whole idea of conditioning your hair first, then shampooing, to be absolutely intriguing.

I had never heard of Reverse Washing before (NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING AS CO-WASHING, which is when you use conditioner instead of shampoo), but according to Google, Reverse Washing has been around for quite some time. I tried it shortly after I received that tweet and I have been doing it off and on ever since. If you'd like to hear about my experiences, as well as why this might be a good fit for YOU, keep reading!

HOT TIP: NYX, Revlon, Physicians Formula & Almay 40% Off at Ulta Starting Sunday, 9/28

It's BAAAACK! A few times a year, Ulta gives us the ultimate drugstore beauty lover's dream and offers several of our favorite brands for 40% off...all within the same week. If you're sad to see Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty come to an end tomorrow (9/27), this will surely cheer you up!

Many thanks to reader Sheila for sharing this pic of next week's Ulta ad:

image credit: Sheila for Nouveau Cheap
All NYX, Revlon, Physicians Formula and Almay cosmetics 40% off 
Valid 9/28 - 10/4 at Ulta (in-store and online)

Keep reading for details and tips for maximizing your savings during this sale...


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